Monday, February 4, 2013

Erode Rajamani Bhagavathar Free Download Collections

Erode Rajamani Bhagavathar :

It is said that namasankirtan (repetition of the divine name of God in devotion and in group) is a powerful spiritual tool where the seekers can relish divine bliss and can also share it with others. K.V. Narasimhan, popularly known as Erode Rajamani Bhagavathar, a renownedexponent of sampradaya bhajan, has this rare ability and has been taking the participants of his bhajan programmes to a level of divine ecstasy through this tool. Says Rajamani, "Namasankirtan is the easiest way to reach God in this kalyug, when compared to other forms like yaga and tapas." He also recites a Sanskrit verse, which roughly translates to "Lord Krishna telling Narada that He (Lord Krishna) does not reside in Vaikunth; nor does He reside in the hearts of yogis; but resides at the place where namasankirtan is being done." Hailing from a place called Kooniyur in Tirunelveli District in Tamil Nadu, Rajamani has a rare distinction of being a disciple of the doyen of Sampradaya Bhajan, Pudukottai Brahmashri Sanjeevi Bhagavathar. more...

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